Health benefits of detox water & infused water

It isn’t enough to eat breakfast in the morning, taking water especially detox water is a perfect one.

On TVC’s #WakeUpNigeria show this morning, we learnt what detox water and fruit infused water is.

The CEO of grandma’s garden, Maria Ugorji was on the show as she explained that detox and fruit infused water are similar, the only difference is what is infused in the water. She went on to explain that detox water is one in which you put fruits,vegetables that have weight loss benefits.

When asked by Titi why people need to detox ,she said ;

“It’s like saying why do I need to service my car. Your body is like an engine. You just need to refresh ,flush toxic it out.”

In making the detox water, Maria used ginger which she described to be an anti-inflammatory that calms the nerves in the body; she also used cucumber which she also described as a hydrating fruit that produces enzymes which helps in the breakdown of proteins. After she had cut these two into desirable sizes and put them in a jar of water,she then added a mint leaf which she plucked from her garden; and added lemon which can be replaced with grape fruits.


Maria who graced the show with a stalk of mint leaf from her garden adviced that the detox water should be kept for not more than 24hrs in the fridge to avoid bacteria and decomposition of the leaf.


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