#WakeUpNigeria: Nigeria took too much from her colonial masters – Adebimpe Akinsola

WakeUpNigeria this Friday was fun and educative. To educate us on the appreciation of Nigerian culture and language was Mrs Adebimpe Akinsola, Acting Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture.

Mrs Adebimpe started by emphasizing the roles of parents in retaining the culture of Nigeria. She said; 

“Parents these days have some how lost our tradition – they speak English language instead of our indigenous language. When you lose your language,you lose your identity and for us to get It back, we need to go back home as parents and teach our children our culture. “said Mrs Adebimpe .

 She further explained that Nigeria took too much from her colonial masters unlike India who just tapped into technology and retained their traditions and culture .

“India took one ,Nigeria took all”

In providing a solution to the problem, she explained that in the house of assembly on Thursdays, the legislature is done in Yoruba language. She also said that Yoruba would be taught in schools and a day would be chosen every year to appreciate the culture and language of Yoruba. 

” we need to be proud of our language” Mrs Adebimpe concludes. 

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