#WakeUpNigeria: Waste materials make sea animals sick – Ugochi Oluigbo

Do you know waste materials are best used when recycled? Eco Journalist, Ugochi Oluigbo was on #WakeUpNigeria this morning to explain how waste products can be managed.

Speaking with Mike Mesikenor on the show, she brought some labelled trash bin of different kinds. The analysis she gave were;

1. The glass trash bin

2. Organic trash bin. This is for food waste

3. The metal waste bin

4. Plastic bags. and so on.

She explained that there should be different trash bins for different kinds of trash.

She went on to emphasize that Nigerians dispose trash anyhow which turns out as blockages and even poison and kill sea creatures.

“The waste materials make sea animals sick and eventually kill them. Disposing trash anyhow is unhealthy for our environment.”

She affirmed that the Nigerian system is difficult

“It is advisable to have these things at home. But it is difficult in Nigeria because trash men come and mix everything up. But let’s teach our children, so when things get better in our towns, states and country, we will begin to do it.”

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