Several years of working with Fred Amata were my training days – Charles Inojie

President of screen writers guild of Nigeria, Charles Inojie who is also an actor, film director and producer,  was a guest on #WakeUpNigeria

The actor who is known for his comic roles, talked about his experience so far in the film industry.

Charles who graduated from UNIPORT in 1999 with a degree in theatre art, worked as lancelot Oduwa Imasuen’s assistant director.

“After leaving the university I thought there were still things to be learnt unlike people that just want to jump straight into practice. I consider the years I worked with lancelot and actors like fred amata as years of training.”


“Theory and practice can never be the same. What you are told in the classroom, may be different from what you’ll see in the outside world.”


“In drama school you would always find the least number of students as writers. The Screenwriters guild of Nigeria (SWGN) is a guild of the select elect. Writing is a special skill/gift and we know there is an army of people who are creative, who can write but need a little direction or push and the SWGN is positioned to achieve.”

When asked how he’s able to bring so much fun with his comic roles, he said;

“I believe as a trained actor, whatever role you are given, you should be able to interpret that role. Well if I have made success in my comic roles, I should be congratulated.”

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