#WakeUpNigeria: Women being bread winners of the home- Habiba Balogun

“Life is work,there is work in the home and work outside the home”

The above was one of the marriage tips given by Habiba Balogun on #WakeUpNigeria this morning.

Speaking on “women being bread winners of the home”, Mrs Habiba began by confirming that for most marriages, the man is regarded as the “oga provider” and the contract is that the man provides.

She went on to explain that this stereotype might change when the man loses his job due to economy degradation and the woman has to carry the load.

She advised that the first thing is for the couple to sit together to discuss how things should go which will guide the bahaviour in the marraige.

She points out the fact that some women want to tell the man what to do which should not be.

“The problem is, the woman wants to talk to the man on what he should do and shouldn’t do. Instead of talking to the man, they should sit together and talk about what to do, what the man wants to be busy with, who does the house chores and what house chores should be done by the man. The man decides what he wants to do, the woman should not tell him what to do”.

“For example, some men love to cook. usThe husband and wife will have to agree on division of labour in a situation where the wife is the bread winner.”

On how the couples should manage finance, she also advised that asides the personal accounts of the couple, there should be a joint account where the person who earns more pays more. The money from the joint account, she included, should be used for the upkeep of the home and food while they both have their personal money.

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