Nigerians stop giving your money to churches & pastors – Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze has reacted after millionaire pastor, Joel Osteen, the General Overseer of Lakewood Church in Houston blocked those who asked him to offer shelter to victims of ‘Hurricane Harvey‘ at his mega church.

People who questioned his decision of closing the doors of his church in the wake of Storm Harvey which has dumped over 40 inches of rain in Houston where his church is based got blocked on social media.

Daddy Freeze who share posts on Instagram wrote:

“Nigerians, stop giving your money to Churches and pastors, learn from what the Americans are going through! A man whose church makes $77million dollars a year is still asking for donations? ? shame!


If you want to give your money to Christ, here is how the Bible says you should go about it, STOP GIVING YOUR MONEY TO CHURCHES! ~FRZ”

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  • August 29, 2017


    “When the abominable becomes acceptable…
    Death is inevitable!”

    There are strange things going on in our society today.
    There are absurd scenarios taking shape in our nation every day.
    There are felonies being committed in our country every day.
    There are treacherous cultures that had subconsciously become the order of the day.
    Of which I perceived, stimulated the Preacher to say;
    ‘I had seen servants ride on chariots
    While Princes walk on bare foot’

    Indeed, this matter quizzes my thinking faculty.
    This issue makes me feel pathetic for our nation’s difficulty!
    This concern makes me worried about the sustainability of our Nation’s probity!
    Because these acts are very abominable yet generally acceptable by Nigeria citizenry!

    So I sigh in grief to ask these questions…

    To whom was the government set up for?
    To whom was the government fashioned for?
    Who really are the employers and employees in Nigeria Government?
    Where lays the authority and power of Nigeria Government?
    And who actually has the Right to dictate the Tunes being played in Nigeria Government?

    ‘Hmmm! I wondered why the horse whip is now in the hands of the servants
    While the Masters are frog jumping and leaping in front of the servans!’

    However, I still ask…
    What is actually happening in our society?
    What is really wrong within our community?
    Are we sick in the head?
    Are we being enchanted?
    Or are we being bewitched?

    Because how can an employee earn more and live wealthier than his employer?
    How can a house boy eat the best of foods and dress in Royal apparels
    While his Master Dress in rags, cry of Hunger and Battered by poverty?
    How can a house-maid live in AC fitted pent-houses, enjoys the best things of life
    While her employer – the mistress,
    Lives under bridges and shanties, hawk under scorching sun to survive,
    And most times die of starvation and dehydration?
    How can servants Drive in Range rover Jeeps, Mercedes Benz cars and even fly Jets,
    While their employers Trek from street to street, pleading for jobs
    And begging for money to feed and survive
    And yet we keep mute and call that a common thing?
    We even say it’s just one of those things…?

    What a shame?
    What a sacrilege?
    An abomination is being committed amongst us!
    For the true order of life had been overridden by the false-order of life.

    By the way, what are we thinking?
    What are we doing?
    I seriously think we are not thinking straight!
    And I am certain that we need to reprogram our thinking faculties,
    As well as restructuring our mentality.
    Because it is obviously thoughtful that our thoughts are contaminated and corrupted!
    And that our eyes are blinded from the truth on ground!

    Because how do we expound a public servant
    That is employed into the office by the masses via election,
    Who amends the laws of Nigeria to favour his course and enrich himself?
    Who dwells in executive pent houses and
    Moves in entourage of exotic cars…
    And profoundly being treated as Royalty!
    While the masses are crushed and oppressed by the same laws,
    Live in abundant penuries, destitute, abused and raped of their right.
    Burnt, slaughtered and abandoned like street rats.
    Yet we sit back and murmur in silence…
    To say ‘E go better one day’!

    Beloved fellow Nigerians,
    The phrase ‘E go Beta one day’
    Is a consolation of ourselves in cowardice and ignorance
    That is Compounded with a slavish mentality!

    How do we describe the scenario…
    Whereby a state servant that is explicitly employed by the masses,
    Is being treated with utmost importance, heavily guarded,
    Flown abroad for treatment in the best hospitals,
    Schooled in world-class institutions
    And enjoy the best things of life with ease.

    While the masses who are the true employers of these public servants
    Are deprived from good health care, destitute of good education,
    Live in Total Black Out [TBO] communities; strive to eat once per day,
    Handicap of good houses and shelter, struggle and suffer to survive,
    Disgustfully abused, assaulted and molested by their chosen ones!

    Yet we fold our hands and condemn these mischievous acts
    In our bedrooms, house corners and beer palours!

    Who will ever believe that we employed these servants into Government?
    Who will ever believe that they represent us at all levels of Government?
    Who will ever believe us when we say the Government belongs to us?

    Hmmm! This is terrible!
    If we don’t officially and legally act against these treacherous acts,
    That had enslaved our fathers and mothers in the past,
    And even this present generation
    To the extent of slaughtering innocent Nigerians on the altar of corruption!
    To the extent of turning dignified Nigerians into corporate Beggars
    And refugees in their own promise land,
    We will all have ourselves to blame forever!

    The point is;
    Since we officially and legally employed them into offices…
    We must as a matter of necessity
    Legally and socially put these political manipulators in their right senses
    And whoever refuses to yield shall be disarm and strip of the right of the office.

    There is no doubt, that politics and government is everybody’s business!
    It is however brutish and foolish for a man to think
    That politics is meant for some secluded people!
    It is however disgraceful and degrading
    For a man to shy away from politics and government matters…

    Because politics is the engine room
    That powers and drives any nation’s economy
    To her boom or to her doom!
    Politics is the public potter’s house where the destinies of nations are actually fashioned!

    President Theodore Roosevelt, rightly said that
    ‘The people who says that they have no time to attend to politics
    Are simply saying that they are unfit to live in a free community!
    Though voting is crucial but it is the least political duty of any man.

    For every man must devout a reasonable share
    Of his time to doing his Duty
    In the political life of the community where he lives!
    And no man has a right to avoid his political duties
    Under whatsoever plea or pleasure of business!’

    These words were emphatically spoken by Theodore Roosevelt,
    Because he empirical knew too well that politics is the determinant force
    In the health sector, business sector, media sector,
    Food sector, educational sector and security sector
    In any developed or developing nation!

    Hence, if politics is left
    In the hands of the few,
    It will be hijack by the few,
    Corrupt by the few,
    And use as a weapon of mass oppression by the few!

    Therefore with whatsoever profession we found ourselves doing in Nigeria,
    Let’s use it as a tool and transform it into a weapon of Mass Liberation
    That will change and make Nigeria a Better place for all Nigerians!

    May God Bless all Nigerians
    Long live Nigerians!
    And long live Our Motherland!

    Thank you!

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