#WakeUpNigeria: Honey body scrub

To make our skin glow and fresh, Deborah was up on #WakeUpNigeria to give a tutorial on Honey Scrub.

The ingredients used were:

Baking Soda, Sugar, Original Organic honey, lemon juice, and almond oil or any other oil.

The process started by mixing the ingredients in a bowl from the baking soda down to the almond oil.

Buttressing the effectiveness of the ingredients, she said

“What the honey scrub does is that it removes the dead cells from the face and body then keeps it clean.

Honey is a dead cell softener. It softens the dead cells such that when the skin is washed, they easily wash away. The washing away of the dead cells will make other medications on the face work well.

Honey is also a moisturizer, you don’t have to use another moisturizer after using the honey. Just go to bed and wake up as a queen.

Although I advise that original organic honey should be used to avoid reaction.

Lemon makes the face look fresher. If you react to lemon juice, just use lemon oil although lemon juice works faster.
Almond oil is an anti-aging ingredient. It prevents the ageing reactions on the skin.”

She ended by saying that the honey scrub can be done three time in a week .

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