Video: Hushpuppi mocks those calling for his arrest

Instagram big boy, Huspuppi has made mockery of those requesting for his arrest, inviting them to lay their hands on him if they can.In a viral video posted online, a Political commentator and convener of Concerned Nigerians civil society group Deji Adeyanju, recently made some surprising comments about internet big boy Hushpuppi.

Speaking during the recently held #OurMumuDondo protests, Adeyanju said Hushpuppi is a 419 (another name for fraudster) who flies private jets and that the EFCC needs to arrest him.

He further went on to say that any Nigerian who has N50 million in his account and cannot give proof of how it was made should be arrested. Watch him speak below:


However Hushpuppi replied with a photo posted See below:


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