Pringles is an international American brand owned by kellogs, first sold in 1967. Pringles which is made of potato and wheat, is highly nutritious and can be consumed by the young and old.

Lovelyn a brand manager of @PringlesNigeria speaking on #WakeUpNigeria, asserted that the hygienically packed crunchy snack contains fibre from the wheat which balances the starch from the potatoes.

“Pringles is highly nutritious and can be consumed by children, youths & adult. The fibre from the wheat balances the start from the potatoes.”


“Pringles is different from every other chip. It’s hygienically packaged in a cylinder like box giving you more chips and less air unlike others.”

According to lovelyn, the brand has both the young and old consumers in mind and that’s the reason why pringles come in different sizes and different flavours.

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