I became more popular in America than Nigeria – Hakeem Rahman

Nigerian renowned actor, Hakeem Rahman speaking about his career with Yomi Owope and Titi Oyisan this morning on #WakeUpNigeria, revealed why he left his banking job of 20 years for acting.

He firstly affirmed that he worked at the bank for 20years before he moved fully into his acting career which he attributed to passion. He said:
“My drive was not the money but the passion and the love for the job. I already started acting before I left the banking industry.”
He also noted that his acting career has done a lot especially in the aspect of getting visa.
“When I was still a banker, I had 5 passports but no visa till they expired. When I started acting, getting visa to anywhere I want was very easy, acting made me popular. When I got to America, I did something funny and it made me more popular, I got more popular in America than in Nigeria.”
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