A recap of #WakeUpNigeria breakfast recipe

The breakfast journey this week was perfect and “Nigerian” to a large extents as our professional #WakeUpNigeria Chefs made nice dishes with profitable recipes.On Monday, it was a weight loss capable breakfast which was “Plantain suya fritata”. The ingredients used were very few and the process was simple, which made Chef Miyonse call it a ‘minimalistic breakfast’. Click to see more…

Tuesday was also light and simple with the Nigerian popular Pepper puff-puff and sauce by Chef Tolu. The ingredients used were:

Ata rodo/blended pepper
1 Egg and
Water. (Click to see the procedure)

Taking burger for breakfast, Chef Miyonse had to replicate by expanding the recipe with ingredients for making pancakes. (See more)

For you who have been eating mosa at parties and have been wondering how it it’s made, Chef Tolu on Thursday calmed your curiosity by making “Banana Mosa and sauce” Click to see more…

Finally on Friday was a wonderful exprerience with Chef Temi who rounded off the week with Nigerian “oven-baked moi-moi and custard drizzled with chocolate” (See how oven-baked moi-moi and custard drizzled with chocolate)

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  • asouzu melody
    September 24, 2017

    i love watching #wakeupnigeria show. Most especially becaise of the food aspect. I ave learnet how to make ove 30dishes just by watching the show… Thank you so much @TVC for this amazing program

    kudos to chef miyonse, chef tolu and chef temi… Thank you all

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