How to create wealth with your talent – Nifemi Richard Bruce

Nifemi Richard Bruce, an author and public speaker spoke on WakeUpNigeria about youth empowerment and how youths can make money from their talents.

He began by stating that youths can create opportunities for themselves and not wait for it to drop on their heads.

“If you are expecting somebody to come and spoon feed you, opportunities are not likely to drop on your head. If you are a goal setting, plan making person, who also works out your plan, hard working and creative then you will create opportunities for yourself”
He noted that there are some steps to follow which are:
– Find what is naturally in you. He advised that youths should take time and reflect for like two days on their natural talents and rank them in term of natural gifting.
– Turn it into a channel. He explained that the talents can be converted to a money making channel by finding education for it or apprenticing for it to get better. He added that the basic education we have in the country is just to educate and not to put food on the table.
He went on to talk about parents who want to help their children. He advised that they should seek knowledge and be current so they can help their children.
He also advised that youths should start thinking entrepreneurial;
“If you really want to make it, you have to start thinking entrepreneurial. Be an entrepreneur in what you you are comfortable  in and enjoy doing. Also, take time to learn on the channel you have chosen and be the best you can be in that channel.”
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