Life as a filmmaker is continuously challenging – Fred Amata

Fred Amata, President of the Directors Guild of Nigeria, revealed how the movie industry has evolved overtime.

Fred who comes from the family of veteran filmmakers which includes Ifoghale Amata, Zack Amata and Jeta Amata, had a chat with Yomi Owope on #WakeUpNigeria.

He mentioned how the evolution which has taken place in the movie industry is amazing relating it how it was before when his father, his brother and he started acting.

“Life as a filmmaker is continuously challenging, exciting and it blows your mind. Today you are conversant with one form/type of technology and before you blink your eye it has changed. All these changes affect the growth, the style, the production values. Earlier in the days, we used camera that needed a lot of light support and when you are done shooting a scene, you find yourself sweating seriously.”
Revealing how things has evolved, Fred mentioned that all area of film production is now made easy. He also revealed that in 1957, released the first film ever shot in Africa.
“From behind the scenes, to acting, to producing and directing, the evolution is amazing. My father made the film ‘Freedom’ in 1957, then Zack comes up with ‘Behind the cloud’, ‘Amazing grace’ by Jeta and so on. My family was among the defining moments in Nigeria movie industry.”
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