Don’t set standards that could lead women into depression – Daddy freeze reacts to Rev. Funke Adejumo’s message on being a housewife

Poor, insensitive delivery, makes a mess of a great message! Daddy freeze says as he reacts to viral of video of Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo where she referred to a woman who can’t lend her husband N1 million as a failure. Watch video below:

According to him, she made a mess of what could have been a great message with her condescending tone. Read what he wrote below…

Poor, insensitive delivery, makes a mess of a great message!

A woman who can’t lend her husband N1million Naira is NOT a failure, you didn’t marry a bank did you?

Queen Esther in the Bible was a housewife and was still a critical part of God’s grand plan, so we can’t decide how someone wants to live their life. If a woman wants to be a house wife, why judge her and call her a colossal disgrace? Haven’t you heard of judge not? Oh sorry, that’s meant only for yahoo boy pastors

I think she should focus more on a woman adding value to herself, as against being able to provide money!

Marital success is not all about money in my own opinion. ~FRZ

A fan of Rev Funke also reacted to the story saying she felt like a failure and got depressed after watching the video. According to her, she is a housewife at the moment but has plans for the future. Freeze shared the comment on his IG page and wrote;

The truth is the woman made a huge mess of a what could have been a great sermon, with her arrogance and condescending tone.

You shouldn’t set standards that could lead women into depression.

I’m currently counseling a lady who was pushed into marriage at 19 by her family, simply because she was an orphan. What achievement could she possibly boast of at 19? How will this sermon make her feel?

The lady is already depressed, what if the sermon makes her suicidal?

Her choice of the financial example of N1 million, whether figurative or not, is appalling. There are many wonderful wives who are ‘assets’ to their husbands but still can’t lend them N1m.

And saying a housewife is a colossal disgrace, is in itself disgraceful. SHE OWES ALL WOMEN AN APOLOGY FOR THIS RIDICULOUS SERMON.

My mother was a house wife for 5 years when we were kids, did that make her a colossal disgrace? NO! Did it stop her from getting to where she is today? NO! She is currently a professor of Law, provost of a college of Law and Deputy vice chancellor of a university, president, law lecturers association of Nigeria.

All these motivational speakers sef, in my opinion she has to go back to the drawing board!

The #FreeTheSheeple movement will never support this! ~FRZ

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