#WakeUpNigeria Kitchen: Yummy Scotch Egg

Do you know the difference between ‘Scotch egg’ & ‘Egg rolls’? Chef Tolu preparing ‘Scotch egg’ on #WakeUpNigeria, carefully took us through the recipe. See below:

Firstly, The scotch egg is a sausage and egg snack that you can actually enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Chef Tolu analysed the amazing recipe with ingredients such as: hard boiled eggs, packs of sausage, nutmeg, black pepper, plain flour, raw egg(beaten), bread crumbs, vegetable oil.

The recipe includes;

  • Boil the eggs.
  • Pill the sausages and mash. it’s easier when it’s the soft one,but if it’s the hard one,cut and boil it before mashing.
  • Lightly flour the mashed sausage for it to stick together
  • Then put in the chicken cubes,black pepper,nutmeg,salt and any other ingredients you’ll like to add.
  • Cover up the hard boiled eggs with the sausages.
  • Roll it in the plain flour to seal it up.
  • Then coat it with the beaten egg.
  • Roll in bread crumbs to cover evenly.
  • Deep fry until it is golden brown and serve.
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