Wearing a white gown for your wedding doesn’t prove you’re pure – Nyma Akashat

Non virgin brides should wear red dresses on the day of their marriage instead of wearing white dresses. Reno Omokri, media expert to the former President Johnathan, made this revelation on social media which drew a lot of reactions.

On TVC’s Entertainment show #YourViewTVC this morning, Nyma Akashat expressed herself saying the white wedding isn’t a black man’s thing.She said;

“White wedding isn’t our thing! Marriage should be a reflection of the society you are from. When you come to my wedding, you should be able to tell where I am from. But colonialism has prevented people from doing these things, tying their wrappers and all for their weddings. On my wedding day, I wore blue and I danced to a traditional song, I didn’t have to put on a white dress to prove am pure.”

Talking about the sexual active environment of these days, Nyma explained the role of the media and musical artiste.

“The indices are increasing everyday, people get sexual infections and children get more sexually active. Parents are relenting on what they tell or educate their children. Children these days are sexually active and we deal with a lot of diseases. We should bring a re-orientation campaign to bring back the mindset that being chaste is a good thing. Now, parents ask their sons to impregnate their fiancee before getting married, what are they preaching? I implore artistes to preach the right things because they know the right things. The home is a very important factor in the society, if we want the best for the society, then we should the right thing.”

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