Video: Nigerian rival gangs fight with swords in Indian hospital, staffs take shelter in the toilet

In a horror cult clash, Nigerian cult gang armed with swords and cleavers, cause chaos as terrified staffs in a South Delhi hospital, take shelter in the toilet.

Indian news outlet, NDTV reports that the incident took place a little before daybreak on Saturday, after three wounded Nigerians came to the hospital in Saket for treatment.

“Around 4 am, when the wounded men walked in, their friends allegedly waited outside. The police say the fight started when a member of a rival gang drove up in an auto-rickshaw and barged in.

Security footage has captured the clashes and chilling visuals of men holding cleavers. A broken door is on the floor as the men pummel each other.


The rival groups clashed for nearly an hour in the hospital reception. A guard who tried to stop them was also beaten and left injured. The staff and nurses of the clinic reportedly bolted all access to the upper floors where patients are recovering.”

The groups allegedly vandalized the hospital and ran away before the police arrived.

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