‘Spicy fish cake and bell pepper sauce’ is the perfect meal to spice up your weekend.

You just make use of the following ingredients: Titus fish, onions,butter,flour,breadcrumbs,tomatoes,potatoes,garlic,parsley,egg,bell pepper,red chilies and seasoning cubes.

To make the spicy fish cake,

  • Grate your already boiled Irish potatoes
  • After grating, add your already boiled fish in pieces into it along with onions and parsley if needed.
  • Mix well and make a mold out of it. Mold it well into circles.
  • Deep in the eggs for few seconds, deep in flour and the breadcrumbs.
  • Fry lightly for 5-10 minutes.

To make the bell pepper sauce,

  • Put oil in a pan on heat, add sliced onions to it when the oil is hot enough.
  • Put the tomatoes, bell pepper(as many colours as you want) and chilies.
  • Add seasoning cubes and salt.
  • Mix as it’s getting cooked.
  • Serve putting the sauce on the cake.