There’s always creativity around plantain, especially with eggs. Chef Tolu laid her hands on one of the creative recipe by making ‘plantain egg frittata” with the following ingredients;

Eggs,milk;crayfish powder,salt,maggi,dry pepper,onions[for garnishing and for frying],sausage,plantain,lettuce[for garnishing].

More interestingly,the egg was not flat as expected,it’s scrambled.


Fry the plantain.

Break the eggs into the milk and stir.

Add the spices to the egg & milk such as seasoning cube,dry pepper and crayfish powder.

Fry onions,sausage and lettuce in a little oil.

Pour the egg mixture to fry.

When it’s half done,put in the plantain and stir well to make the egg scramble.

serve and garnish with onions&lettuce.