#WakeUpNigeria: Easy and quick recipe for ‘oatmeal banana cookies’

Oatmeal is very beneficial to the health as it lowers the risk of heart disease and reduces the level of blood cholesterol.

‘Oatmeal banana cookies’ is a nutritious breakfast you can definitely try. It is a one bowl meal which is easy to prepare.

According to chef Tolu on WakeUpNigeria this morning, Oatmeal banana cookies is enriched with ingredients such as oatmeal (the star ingredient), mashed banana, brown sugar, salt, cinnamon, milk, eggs, oil, nut, almond, raisin and grated coconut(optional).

The recipe for the meal include,

  • Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Ingredients such as oatmeal, brown sugar,nut,almond, raisin and cinnamon.
  • Add in the wet ingredients like mashed banana,eggs,oil and milk. Mix very well.
  • Then Scoop and make flat rolls from it.(to give a cookie shape).
  • Arrange in the oven pan.
  • Sprinkle some grated coconut on the cookies.
  • Put in a preheated oven for 12-18 minutes till its golden brown.

Then you have your ‘oatmeal banana cookies’.

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