Sports is the fastest catalyst for national development – Ex super eagles captain, Segun Odegbami

Patrick Olusegun Odegbami, a retired Nigerian footballer who played as a forward, and nicknamed mathematical for his precise style of play was live on #WakeUpNigeria, speaking on the importance of  education & sports.

He explained to us a term called the power of sport, and that there’s more to sport than people engaging in running, jumping and flying. He said;

“The least activity in the world cup is the football that is being played, there is more to it, such as, immigration, security, hospitality, entertainment, health, finance and particularly infrastructural development”.

He made it known that sport is the fastest catalyst for National Infrastructural development.

In disclosing facts about his Academy and his vision for creating it, he made it known that he created the Academy to start and create a new kind of leadership from the youths, seeing that a lot of youth want to go into sport because of the fame in it, and thereby leaving school but have forgotten that education is the foundation of it all.

“I decided to set up a model, to do something that people can look at and take as an example, combining education and sport can really work and turn out greater than expected”.


He further went on to explain how is Academy has been doing great over the years, with many other coaches and colleges seeing it as a good example.


“I have graduated over a hundred students in the last seven years, with a third of them in American colleges and universities and also doing very well in sport, coaches and colleges in America now look towards my school for students on scholarship”.

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