“Daddy Freeze is accurate but he is in error” – Pastor Rotimi Akinwale

In total opposition to Daddy freeze‘s comment on tithing, Pastor Rotimi Akinwale joined YourViewTVC ladies this morning to discuss the topic ‘tithing’.
Pastor Rotimi Akinwale declared his total disagreement on Daddy freeze’s comment on tithing, saying:
“I totally disagree with Mr. Freeze. Mr freeze in my own opinion is like Apollos, a man who is mighty in the scripture, which taught the way of the lord accurately. But when he met Priscilla and Aquila, they expanded the word to him more adequately. There is a basic difference between being accurate and being adequate. Tithe did not start from the levy, it started way back in genesis:14 with Abraham and Melchizedek.  There is corporate tithe and private individual tithe like the one we pay, but the one Abraham paid to  Melchizedek was a corporate tithe for everything he took from the ‘spoil’ of a war. Tithe is not an old testament stuff, we keep missing it. (quoting Matt 23:23). Daddy Freeze is accurate but he is in error. Pastors in the new testament are Levy, if they are not Levy, what are they?. Tithing is all about giving, a proof of demonstration of love. I can give and not love, But I cannot love and not give.
An ignorant man is in darkness! There is a knowledge gap in church today about the issues of tithing. Giving is born out of love, though there’s a reckless show of wealth by most pastors, but I wouldn’t judge them, I’ll let God judge them.” 
He defined tithe and explained that tithe from stolen money is not acceptable.
“Tithe as the 10% of your legitimate earning. God cannot be mocked. You cannot bring stolen money to God and expect to be blessed, as a matter of fact you will be cursed.”
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