See recipe for preparing ‘Ham & Hot dog Pizza Pocket’

Try your hands on this new recipe for preparing ‘Ham & Hot dog Pizza Pocket‘.

The ingredients needed for this snack as given by Chef Tolu on WakeUpNigeria are:
Warm water,  yeast, cheddar cheese, ham, hot dog, tomato sauce, flour, salt, sugar, virgin olive oil and herbs seasoning.
The recipe includes:
To make the pizza dough,
– Pour the flour in a bowl.
– Put in 2 tablespoon of oil and mix together.
– Add the yeast and mix very well.
Note: Try to prevent the direct contact of the salt with the yeast.
– Put in the oven to rise.
To make the filling,
– Pour a little oil on the pot on fire.
– Put in the tomato sauce.
– Add curry,thyme,salt and seasoning.
– Then put in the mashed beef and sausages.
– Leave to cook till it makes a sauce.
To make the pizza,
– Bring out your dough from the oven.
– Flatten out the dough and cut into squares.
– Brush each surface with the sauce.
– Put in a spoon full of the sauce.
– Then fill in your cheese.
– Wrap it up and arrange in an oiled pan.
Note: oil the pan for the dough not to stick with the pan.
– Put in the oven to bake till the surface is brown.
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