Women manage money better than men – Wealth coach, Samke Mhlongo

Women supporting women in attaining success financially, has been a little dificult as most women prefer collaborating with the opposite sex. Why is that? and how can women start helping/collaborating with each other women to achieve financial success?

On WakeUpNigeria today, a wealth coach, Samke Mhlongo explained why it seems like women don’t want to support women and how to go about it.

At first, she asserted that women are better investors and managers of money, then noted why women don’t support women.

“Financial studies says that women tend to manage money better than men. We are better investors and can deal with delayed gratification. But women don’t help women because they have a mindset that to stand out, we have to fight someone or be in a war with someone. That is not so, the coming together yields good results.”

She later mentioned four look outs when trying to collaborate with women.

“Firstly, be upfront and watch what you are looking for. This stage, take a good look and thought of what you want before you look at the person, then go on and choose who suits what you want.
Secondly, communication is important. A lot of people assume and don’t state things. You should communicate and talk about what you want and what you want to achieve.
Also, be humane about it. Allow some things and have the interest of the person at heart.
Lastly, when it’s not working, just cut off the relationship.”

Also, when asked to choose between working with a man and a woman, she emphasized that it’s not about the gender.

“For me, those around me have to be people leading me to where I want to be. Look at people achieving what you want to achieve and mingle with them. Collaborate with someone who isn’t threatened with your presence. Have men and women to work with and as mentors. This is because we have a lot of men in power too, than women. It’s not about the gender, someone who is not threatened by your presence will be very willing to help you.”

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