Breakfast recipe recap on #WakeUpNigeria

If you want to have a good day, you need to dine well. This week, just as always was a very adventurous cooking experience on WakeUpNigeria with our very own Chef Miyonse and Chef Tolu. Here is a recap!
On Monday, Chef Miyonsea started off the week’s breakfast segment with the ‘Barbecue
Glaze Chicken Skewers’. In making this, you need the following ingredients: Read more


On Tuesday, Chef Tolu gave the recipe for making ‘Blueberry upside down mini
cupcakes’. The ingredients used were; fresh blueberries, brown
sugar,butter,eggs,granulated sugar,flour,baking powder,salt and vanilla
Chef Miyonsea on Wednesday made ‘Roasted plantain gizzard 
canape’, you sure want to try it out. Click here to know how.
You also want to try your hands on this new recipe for preparing ‘Ham & Hot dog Pizza
Pocket‘ by Chef Tolu on Thursday.
The ingredients needed are: Warm water,  yeast, cheddar cheese,
ham, hot dog, tomato sauce, flour, salt, sugar, virgin olive oil and herbs
seasoning.{see more}
Finally on Friday, Chef Miyonsea made ‘grilled sweet potato and beef canape. Potatoes are nutritionally enriched in antioxidants nutrients, anti-inflammatory nutrients and blood sugar-regulating nutrients. (Click here to see the recipe)
Try these meals this weekend and feel the adventure like we did.
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