How to choose a good school for your child – Interviews

A good education is not something every parents should joke with or compromise on. Every parent want their child/children to stand out amidst their peers academically, this calls for the need for parents to ensure that their children’s foundation are solid.

To address this, the CEO of Brooke House Consult, Ifueko Thomas and the headteacher of  ‘Little Beginning School, a special needs academy, Remi Joel Ogbueli discussed ‘Giving your child a solid foundation’ with Titi Oyinsan on WakeUpNigeria.
Ifueko initially advised parents against taking their wards to a school because their friends children attend the school or because it has a fancy building.
Before enrolling your child in a school, Ifueko says the following should be taken into consideration;
  • Don’t take your children/child to a school because your friend/fiends have a child/children in that school, or because the school  has a fancy name and building.
  • Look out for a warm and friendly environment, the teachers relationship with the children.
  • Walk around the school environment if you see words on the walls and on the boards, then you will know if this is the kind of school to start with.
Talking about why people reach out for the best school to take their children to in order to get good grades, she said’
“This happen because of our erroneous focus on grades. It’s not about the grades, often times children are being taught the answers and they come off school and they are unable to explicate what they have learnt. It’s not about the grades because often times schools get WAEC answers and common entrance answers for the children to pass, because parents wants school where they pass.”
Remi lent her voice to the conversation by  saying that parents should educate themselves before becoming a parent
“You should educate yourself before you become a parent, so that when you have the child, you will know what to look out for at their developmental stages. At 1 year old your child should have been able to recognize or acknowledge you. Read up online to educate yourself well.”
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