Tolerance is key in marriage – Fred Amata on #YourViewTVC

Nigerian actor,producer and Director, Fred Amata discusses marriage with the ladies of your view earlier today. According to him,

“The expectations with which people go into marriage is a huge cause of the challenges people face in marriage. Two different individuals who have been taught different values come together and are not prepared for the new challenges. Tolerance is key in marriage, once you are tolerant, you can address any issue and then approach understanding.”
Talking about Nollywood future, he said,
“Nollywood is an evolution and it’s taking us to a place in film making destination, where we will become number 1 in the world and this is based on the resilience of the Nigerian spirit. We started from nothing and now we are within the world’s environment of cinema, we can go further.”
Digressing into politics he expressed his preference for Jonathan’s administration.
“I am a Jonathanist, I felt he brought a difference into power. He understood that he needed to change the status and to some extent he did in sectors like, economy, agriculture, power and even in my own sector. Jonathan brought a better way of fighting corruption. Corruption thrives in an area where you can steal, all these areas have to be blocked to prevent any form of stealing.”
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