#WakeUpNigeria: Try out this ‘meat balls sub’ recipe

This is an amazing recipe for making ‘meat balls sub’, you would want to try out this weekend.

The ingredients are:
– Ground beef
– Tomato puree
– Bread crumbs
– Cheese
– One egg
– Vegetable oil
– Onions
– Garlic
– Parsley
– Salt
– Black pepper
– Italian seasoning
– Hotdog bread
– Baguette
Here is the recipe.
To make the sauce,
– Fry the onions and garlic to build the aromatics
– Add the tomato puree
– Season with salt, black pepper and Italian seasoning, leave to cook down
To make the sub,
– Put the ground meat in a bowl
– Add the parsley, salt, garlic, one egg to soften it, black pepper,minced onions and bread crumbs to give it the structure.
– Mold into shapes and cook in hot oil for 8-10 minutes till it gets pale and able to cut through easily.
– Crisp in the oven for some minutes
– Serve, filling the meat sub and the sauce between hot-dog bread.
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