#WakeUpNigeria menu: ‘Triple chocolate pancake’ made easy

Chef Miyonse in company of Emem while preparing breakfast on #WakeUpNigeria, added a lot of chocolate ingredients & sugar to the recipe of ‘Triple chocolate pancake‘. However, Emem instructed that honey  could be used to replace sugar if on a diet. See process below;

Ingredients used: Eggs, flour, baking soda, salt, cocoa powder, milk chocolate, white chocolate, milk, sugar, butter, chocolate flavouring.
Note: Mix the wet ingredients separately from the dry ingredients.
Mixing the dry ingredients,
–  Pour two cups of flour in a mixing bowl
–  Add your sugar
–  Add a pinch of salt and four teaspoon of baking soda
–  Pour in your cocoa powder to make it brown and give it a cocoa flavour taste
– Chop your chocolate bar and pour into it and mix
Mixing the wet ingredients
–  Pour the melted butter into a mixing bowl
–  Add in the chocolate flavouring
–  Add the eggs
–  pour in the milk and stir
–  Pour all into your already mixed dry ingredients
–  Place your frying pan on fire
–  Add in a little bit of margarine to cook
–  Pour in your mixed ingredients in little quantity so it can cook through.
Making the caramel sauce:
–  Pour the milk in a pot and place on fire
–  Add the chocolate bars into the already warmed milk
–  Add in the butter and continue to stir till it mixes well and thickens
–  Set your pancakes in a plate
–  Pour your caramel sauce on it
–  Add your chocolate sauce on top
–  Chop/grate your chocolate on it and your  ‘Triple Chocolate Pancake’ is ready.
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