See recipe: ‘plantain wrapped in bacon and chili sauce’ #WakeUpNigeria

Plantains have so many health benefits, it is rich in iron, potassium and it’s a very reliable sources of starch and energy. Today on #WakeUpNigeria, chef Tolu in company of Lady O Mary decided to take us through another process of enjoying our plantain by preparing a healthy meal of ‘plantain wrapped in bacon and chili sauce’. See recipe below;

–  Plantain
–  Bacon
–  Vegetable oil
–  Chili sauce
–  Peanut butter
4 table spoons of chili sauce
2 table spoons curry
4 table peanut butter
–  Hot water
* slice bacon into two
* slice the plantain into little pieces
* spread a little chili sauce on bacon to act as a glue
* wrap plantain with the bacon
* place a toothpick through the bacon wrapping and plantain to ensure it stays together while frying
* fry for 5 minutes
Making the curry sauce:
*add chili sauce,peanut butter and curry in a bowl
*mix together
*add hot water and mix together.
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