The greatest gift parents can give their children this festive period – Izefua

All through the year, the average family is concerned with making ends meet and rarely do they get chance to spend quality time together. But now that festive period is here, what happens?
Christmas period is a time for fun, outings, and family gathering, but all these cannot be done without family bonding. Parenting coach Izefua Ehia Williams was on #WakeUpNigeria to give tips on family bonding during the holiday.


She said;

As parents, we should sit and reflect on this Christmas season, we should look into the essence of Christmas holiday and ask our self what we and our children want for this Christmas season, the season combines both Christmas and new year, it is a time for reflection and celebration but the essence of this season is deeply connecting.

 In explaining the greatest gift parents could give to their children this season for the celebration, she made it known that material gifts should not be more important than creating time for our children, she said;
The greatest presents we can give our kids is our presence and time, we should focus on what is really important”.
In conclusion, she said;
It is a very stressful season, we as parents should remember to have enough rest so we can give the best to our children”.
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