Lady dumps her man for a job promotion

A lady who witnessed the split of a couple at the airport over job promotion takes to her twitter handle to narrate the story. 

Couple beside me at the airport is arguing over money. He just told her if she loved him she’d turn down the promotion because everyone would know she’d be making more money than him and he’d be humiliated. Holy shit is that really still a thing?

OMG she’s crying and said she’d never do anything to jeopardize their relationship and he’s like “good then turn down the job” and I just want to punch him.
He just told her once they’re married and have kids she wouldn’t be working anyway so there’s no point focusing on her career and I’m wrecked. I can’t believe this is 2017.
OMG she wiped her tears and said “kids? who said anything about me ever wanting kids?!”

She threw her boarding pass at him and told him to have fun in CANCUN. She just rage quit. OMG people clapped when she walked away. BEST. DAY. EVER.


He’s rage texting now. RAGE TEXTING, LOL. Good for her but now the airport is boring again.


Dear Brave Airport Lady, if you ever see this, just know that although I’m sorry you went through this (especially during the holidays), I hope that, one day, you look back on this as a defining moment in your life. Never settle. Follow your heart. You are a goddess.”

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