Married woman in the Bible gave their husbands side chicks – Daddy Freeze & Wale Gates

Daddy Freeze has lashed at pastors again, saying they pick only the doctrine that favours them alone. Fitness Enthusiast, Wale Gates had posted:

I miss the married women in the bible who used to give their husbands their maids as side chicks. These new ones are selfish”.

Daddy Freeze reacting to the post wrote:

@walegates is officially not well 😂😂😂😂

But come to think of it…..Let me name a few. Sarah, Leah and Rachael…..

Giving husbands hand maids as side chicks is taken from the same part of the Bible that encourages tithing, tell us to stone non-virgins(slay queens) to death in front of their father’s houses, tells parents to stone stubborn children to death, supports keeping concubines and mandates burn offerings… how come out of all of the above it’s only tithing we carried over? The ONLY one that favors the pastors……


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