Bridget Elesin speaks on the causes of infidelity in marriages

Relationship counselor, Bridget Elesin, shared with Titi and Yomi, the reason for infidelity in marriages today on #WakeUpNigeria.

According to her;
For a lot of people, infidelity is as a result  of so many factors. You can’t say it’s one thing”
It is said that what causes infidelity in marriages are different. Bridget pointed out the 3 Ps that make people unfaithful to their partners, these includes: people, places and passion
Imagine a woman who is at a stage in her life where her husband doesn’t pay attention to her or a woman who is passionate about what her husband is not passionate about, then she meets a man who likes what she likes, gradually she gets into conversation with him and before you know it, he starts depositing something inside her love bank”
She used the office place as an example, while speaking about ‘place’ as part of the 3Ps.
You are at your best in the office. You look well dressed, and you spend over 12 hours with someone in the office everyday, anything can happen especially when the person starts doing things your husband or wife doesn’t do”
In discussing passion as part of the 3ps, she said;
Scientifically, it is said that the sweat of a man has alot of attraction. As a woman you like going to the gym but your husband doesn’t, then you meet a man at the gym and you start talking and from there you start developing feelings for him”
Bridget added that, to avoid infidelity in marriage, one has to give priority to one’s marriage. According her;
If you do not give priority to your marriage, it will die. Put romance in your marriage and be updated about your partner. Don’t have preconceived notions about your spouse, always relearn what your partner likes and what he doesn’t like, people change all the time.
In her final words she advised that couples need to have  good communication and listening skills.
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