‘Side chicks VS wives’; Hot topic on #YourViewTVC

There have been different stories of how side chicks dominate men financially, emotionally and physically, this led to the heated conversation today on #YourViewTVC as the ladies discussed the hot topic: ‘What does a mistress do that the wife doesn’t?’

Tope was of the opinion that wives need to step up their game as side chicks are beginning to take over many homes:

The truth is that many men expect the life they had when they were dating, when the woman had no responsibility for the house or the children, but women on the other hand have not learnt the art of dealing with new realities. The woman is struggling to maintain everything and is also expected to be pampering the man, it is a bit challenging but, we women need to find our way around it.”

Morayo on the other hand maintained that men who cheat are irresponsible;

The problem with our men is, they lack responsibility in many ways, they expect that the house should be clean and everything should be done, then they just walk in like a king. it’s a partnership.”

She added that there is no excuse for cheating although women should ensure to please their husbands, she said;

The emphasis I want us to put is not just on the women, yes, look good for your husband. I started wearing long weaves because my husband wants me to, but i prefer not to. We make those sacrifices for men, but they should understand that they also have to make sacrifices as the husbands”

The conversation got more intense as a call came in from a viewer (kayode), who revealed that most men cheat because their wives give excuses of being tired therefore denying the men what they want, this leads them to look outside.

Morayo commented on what the caller said by stating that if men don’t want their wives to be tired, they should get help for the woman. Yeni went ahead to respond to Morayo’s comment by saying that some women will still give excuses.

Morayo reacted to Yeni’s comment by saying;

It’s because some men have not perfected the art of love making, they dont do it properly. A lot of men just ‘do’ and go, without realising that the ‘other room matter’ is such that they are there to help the woman also, but they just hit and go and the woman doesn’t enjoy the activity”

Tope buttressed Morayo’s point by saying that there should be communication between partners, adding that women should also be responsive to what their husbands like.

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