‘Smoked chicken pasta’ for breakfast on #WakeUpNigeria

Do you love a plate full of pasta but wonder about several ways to spice it up? Here’s a quick and healthy way to achieve that. Chef Ugo made the delicious ‘Smoked chicken pasta’ today on #WakeUpNigeria. See recipe below:


Smoked chicken
Bell peppers (green, red, yellow pepper)
Groundnut oil

To achieve smoked chicken:

Season the chicken with seasoning cubes, salt and pepper
Wrap seasoned chicken in foil
Put chicken in the oven at the lowest heat and let it cook slowly for about 20 mins or longer


Pour pasta into boiling water
Stir regularly to avoid it sticking together
Debone and shred smoked chicken
Boil bones from the chicken in water under low heat
Run the pasta under cold water once it’s cook to avoid it sticking together
Heat oil in a pot
Fry onions, garlic, bell pepper (green, yellow, red pepper), diced chicken
Add a bit of black peper, salt, dry pepper,
Add cooked pasta, seasoning cubes and water from the boiled bone
Allow to cook for about 5 min

Serve and Enjoy!

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