Arsene Wenger comments on Sanchez move to Manchester United

‘Why would any player want to leave Arsenal?’Arsene Wenger says ahead of Alexis Sanchez’s move to Manchester United.

Sanchez move to United is in exchange for Henrikh Mkhitaryan with a £400,000 per week contract, £15m sign on fee would make him the highest paid player in the premier league.

I cannot understand anybody wanting to leave Arsenal, but in 30 years of doing transfers you learn a lot about human beings.


As a professional, it was perhaps his last contract at the top level and an important contract.


After that, I accept that because we accepted that we would let him go. After that, we analyse the pros and the cons.” Wenger said.

Wenger revealed that there was no chance for gunners and Manchester city had to move out of the deal at the end.

Wenger believes that though his side has lost a world class player, but the teams is also gaining another Player.



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