Controversies surrounding musician Stephanie Otobo and Apostle Suleman continue to escalate as new video has been released in which Stephanie debunks claims in video released by Sahara reporters that she was paid by Apostle Suleman to confess.

Yesterday a video was released by Sahara reporters in which Stephanie reveals that Apostle Suleman had been pressuring her to apologise to him and lie against the Nigerian government. According to her in the video which was recorded in June 2017, Apostle Suleman asked her to come back to Nigeria and confess that she was paid to defame him.

Now in an exclusive interview with the Vanguard Stephanie claims that the video was recorded by her manipulators who paid her to lie against Apostle Suleman, as a hold against her in case she ever told the truth. In the exclusive video, she revealed that she was not blackmailed to confess. She added that she did it for her peace of mind and that she was going to expose her manipulators in court.

Only time will tell what the truth really is as we don’t know what to believe anymore.