A lady identified as @rettypety on Instagram called out popular Lagos-based fashion designer, Maryam Elisha (@rikatobyme) for giving Actress Mercy Aigbe her supposed wedding dress.

Earlier we posted the news on Facebook, where the lady revealed that she bought the fabric and sent it to the fashion designer, who made the dress but failed to deliver in time for the wedding, claiming that the delivery man was no where to be found. But to her greatest surprise, she saw Mercy Aigbe wearing the dress meant for her in a birthday photo-shoot, on instagram.


Maryam Elisha on the other hand has responded to the allegations, explaining that there was was a mix up in the delivery of the dresses as they were the same design and colour.

She wrote on Instagram:

“Our attention has been drawn to the ongoing chaos surrounding a dress and one of our esteemed clients on Instagram and possibly on other blogs and social media sites. . . .
We would have preferred if this matter was addressed directly to us for a quick resolution and to avoid the media frenzy, but unfortunately it wasn’t.


We hold our clients dearly and offer our services on first come first served bases with no iota of discrimination or insinuation of such.


We admit that a dispatch error occurred in the delivery of a dress to Miss Lawrentta, who was set to get married on the 30th December, 2017 and the pick up of another dress on behalf of actress, Mercy Aigbe. Please note that both dresses were of the same style, the same colour (red) and almost the same measurement. On realising the error on dispatch, we quickly tried to rectify the mix up. But it was too late as the wrong dress was already on its way to Edo state for the bride to be. 


We contacted the bride and explained we had an issue and asked if she would be comfortable with another dress, of same kind (which was the one meant for Mercy Aigbe), the bride agreed, so we allowed the dress to be delivered as time to recall dispatch was short in relation to the time of the wedding. We have already apologised to Miss Lawrentta, but once again use the public fora to tender an unreserved apology to her and by extension to Mercy Aigbe who shouldn’t have been dragged into this.


We assure all our clients, past and future that our resolve to deliver top notch designs to clients within the country and beyond will not be compromised and the error that led to this unhappy situation has since been corrected. Thank you”