Retired footballer, Jamie Frank Redknapp has urged united’s Marcus Rashford to quit playing for the club on arrival of Alexis Sanchez.

According to the ex footballer, Rashford’s confidence is being diminished with the question of “where do I fit in now?”

Redknapp believes that

“Part of the Premier League is having these players but I just feel sorry when someone like Marcus Rashford is thinking this is another pathway blocked for me”


“It doesn’t help your confidence and every day in training you’re thinking “I’m not going to be playing on Saturday”.

Rashford and Sanchez made a start at the the united’s 4-0 victory at Huish Park.

Speaking after the match, Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho revealed that Sanchez is a more matured player than Rashford.

“Alexis Sanchez is a fantastic addition, everyone is happy that he comes. Good players want good players. The question is always which one is going to be left out, it is not about that for us.


We have a fantastic group of attacking players and he is another one with more maturity and experience.


His choice for the second goal is a choice that a player like Marcus Rashford is too nervous to make that kind of decision. He brings maturity and class.”