Popular media personality, Toke Makinwa has publicly narrated on Instagram on how she was assaulted and humiliated at a bar by British-Nigerian actor John Boyega’s bodyguard.

She said that the incident happened at a bar in Lagos state where she embarrassed alongside with her friend at the bar. According to Makinwa, she and her best friend had gone to a popular Lagos restaurant and bar to hangout. She added that a waiter had gotten a place for them to sit but he was told by a lady that the spot was reserved for someone else.

Toke further explained that the waiter refused to heed to the lady’s words and secured the spot for her and her friend.
A few minutes later, the lady had gone to bring one of her male friends who happened to be in charge of John Boyega who had come to Nigeria to celebrate Yuletide.

Makinwa alleged that the man who demanded that they should get up because the spot was already reserved for some friends assaulted her. She explained that the man shouted at her in annoyance and grabbed her shoulder forcefully.

John Boyega

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