Fans had continuously criticized Banky W for having a BIG wedding ceremony after he declared he was going to have a private wedding sometime ago on social media.

The singer who had tried his best to keep off the negative energy and criticism he has been facing, explained why he had no choice than to settle for a BIG wedding ceremony.

Mr W. on his Instagram page revealed he had tried his possible best to ignore the social media critics, but had the feel to respond.

“I have learnt to grow thick skin and almost always ignore the online chatter, but every once in a while, I feel the need to respond. So here are my 2 cents.” He captioned his post.

Explaining his reason for a big wedding, he wrote: “Marriage is not just the joining of two families. And both families (parents especially) come with their own requests, desires and demands. And because your parents have loved, cared and sacrificed for you all your life, you kinda don’t have a choice but to give in.. because it’s their day too, and their happiness is priority to you.”

See his post below:

Banky blocked the comment section on his Instagram page to avoid negative comments.