The Head of Public Affairs, NBC, Hajia Maimuna Jimada has stated that the duty of The National Broadcasting Commission is not in the position to ban songs.

However, a ‘Not To Be Broadcast’ (NTBB) warning against rapper Olamide’s hit song ‘Science Student.’

In an interview with the Tribune, She said;

“NBC does not ban music. Our mandate is on what goes on Radio and TV. Olamide’s Science Student has been declared ‘Unfit for broadcast.’


The profligate mention and the subtle promotion of illegal drugs declared the song unlawful. We have communicated all our licensees for compliance or they will face sanctions.”

Meanwhile, Max 102.3 FM OAPs Debbie and Mark Otabor debating the broadcast ban on #MaxBreafast, asked if it was necessary to ban the song which has since gone viral after its release this year. What do you think?