A 17-year-old girl identified as Ogechukwu,who reportedly got pregnant following a rape act committed by her sister’s boyfriend who drugged her, reportedly lost her twin babies.

According to Prince Gwamnishu Harrison who shared the post on Facebook, he regretted not putting the lady who has really gone through a lot in a private hospital, instead of the public hospital he took her to.

Here’s what he wrote;

I may not have the money💰 but I do have a conscience.

You Remember her? OGECHUKWU
The girl that was drugged raped by her own Sister and Sister’s boyfriend and got pregnant after that horrible experience.

Same girl I rescued from Police custody Asaba , who the IPO refused bail and spent 14days in custody because of N15,000 which she couldn’t afford to pay.

Same girl I rescued from magistrate court and risk been sent to prison with her pregnancy.

She took me as her uncle after I rescued her and have also played a fatherly and motherly roll making sure she is fine.

But my finance failed me, I would have registered her in a better private hospital than the Government Hospital that left her in pains for days. 😢 😢

When they opened her womb, the twin were lifeless.. 👶 👶 👧 👶 👧

Can she ever get Justice in this country of ours?

May God send helpers to us in time of need.