42-year-old man seen pushing lover in trolley

42 year old Mr. Lizo Taliwe who’s unemployed has found it a thing of joy to take his woman round town in a trolley.

Mr. Lizo who became a viral sensation in South Africa with his peculiar act, told daily sun za; “She is my queen and it’s my job to take care of her in any way,”

“I enjoy what I’m doing and I don’t mind the hot weather. As long as my queen is happy, I’m happy too,” Mr Lizo also revealed to People’s Paper.

Mr Lizo’s 40-year-old girlfriend identified as Zukiswa Dyantyi rvealed that she is happy to have chosen Lizo as her man because he treats her like the queen she is.

“When I see a man beating a woman my blood boils. I don’t understand why they need to do that to someone who can’t fight back,” Lizo said.

The two have been together for eight years and claim not to be in an abusive relationship.

Lizo continued; “Men need to love their partners and stop abusing them. If it were up to me all men who abuse women would rot in jail without trial.”

According to the SunTeam who tried to find out from the girlfriend, Zukiswa if her laziness to walk has led Lizo pushing her around, Mr Lizo quickly jumped to her defence, saying; “She is not lazy. I love her and I don’t want her to get tired. Even though we are poor and don’t have anything, we love each other.

“To find true love people need to stop looking at materialistic things because the person who really loves you might not have anything.”

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