Business tips: Becoming a better salesman

A sale is a transaction between two parties where the buyer receives goods (tangible or intangible), services and/or assets in exchange for money. With this understanding being a salesman and getting buyers to purchase a product can therefore be extremely difficult.

Firstly the a salesman is someone with the main function of selling products or services to others. George Emetuche, chief executive salesman at the selling champion consulting limited, while on #WakeUpNigeria discussing ‘becoming a better sales man’described a sales man as;

A value provider, solution provider, solves a problem”

He further described the salesman as an actor who performs and has to wow a spectator(the buyer).

Being a salesman may have many rules and guides to it, but the ultimate is this:

Put the customer first. You can’t sell anyone anything if they don’t trust you. Convincing someone that they need something you’re selling requires that you balance sincerity with your desire to make the sale, being assertive, firm, and honest. If they don’t trust you, they’re less willing to make an intelligent buying decision.

Goerge Emetuche who is also a member of the national institute of marketing of Nigeria, gave the ultimate tip of becoming a better salesman, he said;

Don’t be caught selling, don’t come as a salesman who just wants to sell, come from the angle of giving value. The salesman and the conman are the same except for integrity. Integrity is everything in selling, if you sell with integrity, a positive attitude and trust, the person will always come back.”

PS: Never underestimate yourself, be positive and stay focused!

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