Personal coach, Modupe Akinsiun discusses ‘Becoming a better you’

Personal development coach, Modupe Akinsiun, discussed ‘Becoming a better you’ with Titi on #WakeUpNigeria. According to her there is always a better version of whoever you are now.

She explained that one has to set standards to which they can compare where they are now to, she said;

A lot of times, when you tell people to be better, they ask, ‘Am i not good enough?’ and it’s crucial for people to know that there is always a better version of who they are today. When you are talking about better, the term is used for comparison, that means you are looking at yourself and something else and you say ‘maybe where I am is not good enough’.


For you to become a better version of yourself there has to be a standard that you are comparing yourself with. Steven Covey said ” Effective people begin with the end in mind” You need to have a picture of where you are headed in life, you need to have vision and aspirations. It is when you measure where you are today with where you want to get to that you begin to see the need to become better.”

She further added that there are 3 steps in becoming a better you. According to her you need to;

Have a vision
Access yourself against your destination
Take action: Vision without execution is the greatest source of frustration.


People are not able to articulate what they want from life, sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone, you need to explore, read, build relationships because going out there, you see what is possible, you see what is available and then something resonates in you. Once you see what the possibilities are out there, aspiration begins to build.

Modupe concluded by saying that there is always room for improvement;

For someone who thinks he/she has arrived at his/her peak, the question is ‘how far have you gone? how much have you seen in the world. The moment you stop growing that means something has started to die. You need to move in the direction of what will feed your dreams again. You may have exhausted steps to becoming that picture you had, but the question is ‘Is that the best you? There is still room for improvement for everyone.

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