MMG Boss, Ubi Franklin is a year older and his estranged wife has taken to Instagram to celebrate him. 

She posted a picture of him, “Happy Birthday a guy. More blessings 🙏🙏

Recall that barely a year after the two hosted family and friends in a star-studded wedding ceremony in Lagos, seperation rumours started trailing their marriage.

The rumour of their seperation gained momentum after Lilian failed to acknowledge their wedding anniversary in 2016.

Ubi disclosed in march 2016 that his marriage plunged him into debt, the debt which he refered to as “The debt of unconditional love and undying commitment”.

Did Ubi keep to this promise? we can’t say because the cause of the couple’s seperation till date is still unclear. But side talks have it that Lilian discovered that Ubi had a daugher whom he revealed recently on Instagram.

With Lilian celebrating Ubi, it might seem the couple are in good terms after all.