Controversial journalist/blogger, Kemi Olunloyo who has been accused of being mentally unstable, has reacted saying “Everyone in Nigeria is mentally unstable”. 

Kemi Olunloyo reacting on TVC’s flagship show, Your View, responded to Morayo after she referred to people’s comment on her mental state, saying she’s a drug addict who’s just hallucinating.

“People say I’m mentally unstable, I hallucinate, I use drugs, because they don’t like the truth. All of us are mentally unstable in Nigeria, we have mental problems!


I’m teaching you all that Nigerians are the most intelligent people in the world but our people are smart but sometimes not intelligent”

Speaking further on her experience in Port Harcourt Maximum prison, Kemi revealed that she was diagnosed of anxiety and depression. She also revealed that her Asthma was severe and something told her to go to salvation ministry, where she met with Pastor Ibiyeomie who prayed for her and she became healed.

“When I came out of prison on January 9th, I was suffering from depression and anxiety and the doctor said I should do outdoor therapy. So I would go out, street smart and go to a catholic church to pray at 3 pm. One day one part of my brain told me to go to Salvation Ministry and after I worshiped with them, I walked into Pastor Ibiyomie’s office and walked straight to him.


“I told him, you’re the one that locked me up for six months. and he held my hands, I knelt down in front of him, closed my eyes and I saw angels passing.


When Pastor Ibiyomie held my hand, the migraine and asthma I was having, vanished. According to her, the pastor has spiritual powers that can only be given to a man by God.

Kemi also revealed that she is done with investigative journalism in Nigeria. “I’m no longer an investigative journalist again, what I do is just give my own opinion. Investigative journalism is difficult in Nigeria.”

Kemi was charged with cyber crime for accusing a Port Harcourt based pastor, David Ibiyeomie of adultery, after the pastor complained that she defamed his character with her post.

The journalist had posted a letter written by a member of Pastor Ibiyeomie’s church in which the pastor was accused of a series of misconduct, including infidelities.

On the show, Kemi revealed that the letter she received was an 8 page letter from an unknown source which she put out on social media for investigation. But things went south for her, after her action led to her arrest. She however, confirmed that the pastor who arrested her never paid her to give her life to Christ and she’s now a spiritual daughter to him.