A lot of people love to eat Chinese fried rice but don’t know the basic ingredients or how to prepare this delicious meal.

Here’s a list of what you would need to prepare ‘chinese fried rice & chili sauce:

-Basmati Rice
-Chikcen Breast
-Green Peas
-Black Pepper
-Coconut Milk
-Sweet Chili Sauce
-Corn Flour
-Sesame Oil

Preparing the chili coconut sauce;

-Cut your chicken breast into desired chunks
-Pour in a few drops of oil into your wok/frying pan
-Add chopped ginger, garlic, onions, & stir for about 1min.
-Pour in your chicken
-Add dark soy sauce, black pepper, salt, seasoning
-Pan sear till the chicken gets cooked
-Mix a teaspoon of cornflour in water & add to the mix, the flour serves as a thickner
-Add your coconut milk & two spoons of sweet chili sauce
-Boil for 5mins
Add your chopped carrot, peppers & hard boiled eggs

Preparing Chinese Fried Rice

-Perboil your Basmatic Rice
-Add a little oil into your wok/frying pan
-Add chopped ginger & garlic
-Add diced carrots, green beans with a little salt and seasoning
-Pansearfor 5mins
-In a separate pan, fry two eggs and make sure it doesnt get brown
-Add the Basmati rice to the veggies
-Smash the eggs into smaller bits and add to the mix
-Add your chopped spring onions
-Add a little sesame oil
-Mix together & cover to steam for about 2mins.